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  1. This work formulates existence, uniqueness, and uniqueness-implies-existence theorems for solutions to two-point vector boundary value problems on time scales. The methods used include maximum principles, a pr...

    Authors: Johnny Henderson, Allan Peterson and Christopher C Tisdell
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2004 2004:146482
  2. In analyzing large-scale systems, it is often desirable to treat the overall system as a collection of interconnected subsystems. Solution properties of the large-scale system are then deduced from the solutio...

    Authors: Wassim M Haddad, Qing Hui, Vijaysekhar Chellaboina and Sergey Nersesov
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2004 2004:612830
  3. We consider a class of fourth-order nonlinear difference equations. The classification of nonoscillatory solutions is given. Next, we divide the set of solutions of these equations into two types: F+- and F-solu...

    Authors: Małgorzata Migda, Anna Musielak and Ewa Schmeidel
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2004 2004:471072
  4. Several existence theorems are given for some second-order difference equations associated with maximal monotone operators in Hilbert spaces. Boundary conditions of monotone type are attached. The main tool us...

    Authors: NC Apreutesei
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2004 2004:387492

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