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Table 4 The root mean square error \(L_{rms}\) for different values of α with \(N=100\) (Example 3.2).

From: A pseudo-spectral method based on reproducing kernel for solving the time-fractional diffusion-wave equation

α   M = 5 M = 10 M = 20 M = 40
1.3 \(L_{rms}\) 1.559e−3 2.002e−4 2.348e−5 2.751e−6
1.5 \(L_{rms}\) 1.477e−3 1.917e−4 2.256e−5 2.646e−6
1.7 \(L_{rms}\) 1.392e−3 1.830e−4 2.161e−5 2.516e−6
1.95 \(L_{rms}\) 1.275e−3 1.723e−4 2.052e−5 2.398e−6