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Table 2 Description of model parameters and units for SIWDR model (2.1)

From: Modeling the health impact of water and sanitation service deficits on waterborne disease transmission

Parameters Descriptions Units
\(b_{I}\) person–person contact rate km2 individuals−1 month−1
\(b_{W}\) reservoir–person contact rate ml3 cells−1 month−1
\(b_{D}\) dumpsite–person contact rate kg cells−1 month−1
\(\gamma ^{-1}\) infectious period months
\(\xi _{W}^{-1}\) pathogen lifetime in water reservoir months
\(\xi _{D}^{-1}\) pathogen lifetime in dumpsite months
\(\alpha _{1}\) person–reservoir contact rate “shedding” cells ml−3 month−1 km2 individuals−1
\(\alpha _{2}\) person–dumpsite contact rate cells kg−1 month−1 km2 individuals−1
ψ dumpsite–reservoir contact rate kg ml−3 month−1
μ birth rate month−1
μ non-disease-related death rate month−1
\(r_{1}\) service coverage of DWS
\(r_{2}\) service coverage of WST
\(r_{3}\) service coverage of MSW