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Table 14 Absolute errors (AE) for different number of neurons

From: Solutions of fractional order differential equations modeling temperature distribution in convective straight fins design

ξ AE (3 neurons) AE (5 neurons) AE (10 neurons)
0 2.6613E−06 3.2195E−06 7.68E−08
0.1 3.6959E−06 3.2155E−06 7.71E−08
0.2 5.2352E−06 3.0270E−06 6.76E−08
0.3 6.7871E−06 2.6019E−06 5.06E−08
0.4 7.9974E−06 2.0990E−06 3.51E−08
0.5 8.6490E−06 1.7039E−06 2.79E−08
0.6 8.6620E−06 1.5105E−06 2.95E−08
0.7 8.0928E−06 1.4692E−06 3.41E−08
0.8 7.1344E−06 1.4090E−06 3.36E−08
0.9 6.1164E−06 1.1413E−06 2.25E−08
1 5.5052E−06 6.5876E−07 4.68E−09