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Table 1 Definition, dimension and parameter values of model (1)

From: Dynamical features of pine wilt disease through stability, sensitivity and optimal control

Parameter Description Dimension Value
\(\lambda _{h}\) Input rate of pine trees Trees × year−1 0.601
\(\lambda _{v}\) Emergence rate of adult pine sawyer Pine sawyer × year−1 0.948
\(\mu _{h}\) Felling rate of healthy pine trees year−1 0.8838
δ Expolitation rate of infected pine trees year−1 0.98
\(\mu _{v}\) Pine sawyer mortality rate year−1 0.857
α Transmission rate per contact through maturation feeding year−1 0.00323
ϕ Mean number of contacts of adult pine sawyer during maturation feeding dimensionless 2.44
β Rate of nematodes’ transmission of pine sawyer through oviposition year−1 0.427
ψ Mean number of contacts at ovipostion moment dimensionless 9.73
θ The probability of healthy pines not to be tainted through nematode but cease oleoresin naturally dimensionless 0.443
k Transition rate of pine trees from the exposed class into the infectious one year−1 0.814
γ Possessing rate of nematode of adult vectors at the time of emergence from dead pines year−1 0.790202
\(\beta _{1}\) Nematode transmission rate into beetles during mating year−1 0.8844
ρ Transition rate of exposed pines to either \(A_{h}\) compartment or to \(I_{h}\) compartment at the per capita rate k year−1 0.802