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Table 6 The maximum errors when \(\tau =\frac{1}{1024}\), \(h=\frac{1}{32}\) for Example 3

From: A collocation method based on cubic trigonometric B-splines for the numerical simulation of the time-fractional diffusion equation

γ IDAS [23] \(L_{1}\)-approximation [23] Present Method CPU Time(s)
0.4 0.1204014e−03 0.2110046e−03 0.616098e−04 415.454
0.5 0.9040628e−04 0.01107985e−03 0.602786e−04 387.603
0.6 0.2180338e−03 0.2259971e−03 0.573334e−04 369.890