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Table 2 Comparison of \(L^{2}\)-norm error between the difference scheme and the method in the paper

From: Novel finite point approach for solving time-fractional convection-dominated diffusion equations

  N γ = 0.1 γ = 0.3 γ = 0.5 γ = 0.8
L1-TFPM (\(L^{2}\)-norm) 16 3.6293e−006 2.9616e−005 1.4826e−004 1.9736e−003
32 3.5706e−006 2.8942e−005 1.4615e−004 1.2638e−003
64 3.4309e−006 2.8541e−005 1.3479e−004 1.2415e−003
128 3.2558e−006 2.2658e−005 1.2900e−004 2.9737e−004
DM (\(L^{2}\)-norm) 16 4.5172e−001 7.8411e−001 4.3837e−001 4.1023e−001
32 4.6780e−001 7.7903e−001 3.5481e−001 3.9876e−001
64 2.7585e−001 7.7663e−001 4.6309e−001 4.7101e−001
128 4.7989e−001 7.6865e−001 1.6723e−001 4.5263e−001