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Table 1 Biological meaning of parameters for dengue model (1)

From: Analysis of dengue model with fractal-fractional Caputo–Fabrizio operator

Parameter Description
\(\varPi _{m}\) Recruitment rate of mosquito
τ Average biting rate per mosquito per person
\(\alpha _{h}\) Transmission probability from infected human to susceptible mosquito
\(\mu _{m}\) Natural death rate of mosquito
\(\beta _{m}\) Extrinsic incubation of mosquito
\(\varPi _{h}\) Recruitment rate of human
\(\alpha _{v}\) Transmission probability from infected mosquito to susceptible human
\(\beta _{h}\) Extrinsic incubation of human
\(\psi _{h}\) Rate of hospitalization and/or notification of infected human
\(\omega _{h}\) Natural recovery rate of infected human
\(\sigma _{h}\) Recovery rate of hospitalized and/or notified infected human
\(\tau _{h}\) Disease-related death rate of human
\(\nu _{h}\) Natural death rate of human