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Table 1 List of parameters of model (44)

From: Global dynamics of a general diffusive HBV infection model with capsids and adaptive immune response

λ10 cells mm−3 day−1References [39, 40]r0.9 mm3 cell−1 day−1Assumed
d0.01 day−1Reference [40]σ0.2 day−1Reference [6]
α0.6 day−1Assumedq1.5 mm3 virus−1 day−1Reference [6]
δ1 mm3 cell−1 day−1Reference [41]\(\varsigma_{2}\)1 mm3 virus−1Assumed
\(d_{C}\)0.1 mm2 day−1Reference [30]b0.4 capsids cell−1 day−1Assumed
\(d_{V}\)0.1 mm2 day−1Reference [30]γVariedAssumed
β1.4 day−1Assumedp, μVariedAssumed
m8 day−1Assumed\(\varsigma_{1}\)VariedAssumed