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Table 3 The CPU time consumed of the Gaussian elimination, the SBiCG method, and the FSBiCG method

From: Fourth-order finite difference scheme and efficient algorithm for nonlinear fractional Schrödinger equations

α1/hGauss CPU (s)SBiCG CPU (s)IterFSBiCG CPU (s)Iter
1.3240.61 s1.45 s60.5277 s8
254.95 s14.05 s72.5201 s5
261 min 47 s2 min 48 s414.05 s3
2754 min 5 s23 min 47 s31 min 54 s3
1.9240.45 s1.54 s90.59 s9
255.02 s39.98 s155.28 s16
262 min 46 s4 min 30 s721.32 s7
271h1 min 54 s46 min 25 s73 min 1 s7