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Table 2 Comparison of computing time in wind direction prediction using various numbers of iterations and numbers of data groups

From: Application of a deep learning technique to the problem of oil spreading in the Gulf of Thailand

Number of iterations Number of data groups
10Training set MSE0.0001460.0001630.0001890.000673
Test set MSE0.0006170.0008470.0003900.000488
Time (min.)1.1867310.3046450.2460170.218081
50Training set MSE0.0001390.0001400.0001560.000501
Test set MSE0.0003330.0005130.0005410.001506
Time (min.)15.355151.8861841.2698951.051647
100Training set MSE0.0001810.0001540.0000700.000161
Test set MSE0.0002160.0006840.0001740.000593
Time (min.)87.345314.9011572.7921832.162316