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Table 5 The space order of convergence and mass errors of the scheme

From: A mass-conserved domain decomposition method for the unsaturated soil flow water problem

t h π/10 π/20 π/40 π/60
t = 0.01 \(L^{2}\)-norm- 7.2729E−4 1.8295E−4 4.5442E−5 1.9918E−5
order 1.9911 2.0094 2.0342
mass error 5.9008E−15 1.9856E−15 1.8239E−16 3.7283E−16
t = 0.02 \(L^{2}\)-norm- 1.3843E−3 3.4802E−4 8.6450E−5 3.7907E−5
order 1.9919 2.0092 2.0333
mass error 1.5327E−14 3.6242E−15 1.4922E−15 4.8240E−16
t = 0.05 \(L^{2}\)-norm- 3.0027E−3 7.5398E−4 1.8734E−4 8.2224E−5
order 1.9937 2.0089 2.0309
mass error 2.0386E−14 2.5691E−15 1.7195E−15 1.8908E−17