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Table 1 The space order of convergence and mass errors of the scheme

From: A mass-conserved domain decomposition method for the unsaturated soil flow water problem

t h π/10 π/20 π/30 π/40
0.1 \(L^{2}\)-norm- 2.7344E−3 6.8471E−4 3.0517E−4 1.7291E−4
order 1.9977 1.9931 1.9747
mass error 5.6209E−15 3.0334E−15 4.1574E−16 1.100E−15
0.2 \(L^{2}\)-norm- 3.5663E−3 8.9895E−4 4.0760E−4 2.3666E−4
order 1.9881 1.9507 1.8898
mass error 4.4101E−15 6.2306E−15 3.7128E−16 2.9389E−15
0.5 \(L^{2}\)-norm- 3.7909E−3 9.7838E−4 4.5906E−4 2.7762E−4
order 1.9541 1.8663 1.7482
mass error 4.3134E−15 4.8924E−15 7.4806E−16 6.0204E−15