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Table 1 Model parameters. Properties of materials at temperature 22°C

From: Effect of beam joinery on bridge structural stability

Material Density kgm−3 Isotropic Elasticity Reference
Concrete (unconfined compression strength 2.0E+7 Pa) 2286 Young’s modulus 2.3E+10 Pa Murray (2007) [12]
Poisson’s ratio 0.15
Bulk modulus 1.1E+10 Pa
Shear modulus 1E+10 Pa
Asphalt concrete    Patel et al. (2011) [15]
- semidense 2360 Young’s modulus 6.98E+8 Pa
Poisson’s ratio 0.4
Bulk modulus 7.48E+8 Pa
Shear modulus 2.49E+8 Pa
- dense 2330 Young’s modulus 2.17E+9 Pa
Poisson’s ratio 0.4
Bulk modulus 1.693E+9 Pa
Shear modulus 7.75E+8 Pa
Structural Steel 7860 Young’s modulus 2.05E+11 Pa Luecke et al. (2005) [10]
Poisson’s ratio 0.288
Bulk modulus 1.6667E+11 Pa
Shear modulus 7.96E+10 Pa