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Table 1 Description of the dengue model (3) parameters and their possible feasible ranges

From: Analysis of the fractional order dengue transmission model: a case study in Malaysia

Parameter Biological meaning Range of values References
q Proportion of eggs 0–1 [8]
ϕ Oviposition rate 0–11.2 per day [8]
\(\sigma_{A}\) Transition rate from aquatic to adult 0–0.19 per day [8]
\(\mu_{A}\) Average aquatic mortality rate 0.01–0.47 per day [8]
\(1/\mu_{m}\) Average lifespan of adult mosquito 11–56 days [21]
\(1/\mu_{h}\) Average lifespan of human 73–75 years [22]
b The biting rate 0–1 per day [23]
\(\beta_{m}\) Transmission probability from human to vector 0.375 [6]
\(\beta_{h}\) Transmission probability from vector to human 0.375 [6]
\(\gamma_{h}\) Recovery rate in the host population 0.328833 per day [21]
\(\rho_{h}\) Disease-induced death rate for humans 10−3 [24]