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Table 8 Comparison of computing time

From: Numerical algorithm for nonlinear delayed differential systems of nth order

t Method
DT Matlab
\(u_{1}\) \(u_{2}\) \(u_{1}\) \(u_{2}\)
0.05 7.9E−5 6.5E−5 6.2E−2 6.2E−2
0.10 6.9E−5 7.0E−5 8.1E−2 6.2E−2
0.15 7.1E−5 6.8E−5 6.2E−2 6.2E−2
0.20 7.0E−5 6.9E−5 6.3E−2 6.2E−2
0.25 7.0E−5 7.0E−5 6.2E−2 6.2E−2
0.30 6.3E−5 6.9E−5 6.3E−2 6.3E−2
0.35 6.9E−5 6.8E−5 6.2E−2 6.3E−2