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Table 2 Numerical results for Example  1 with \(\pmb{h=2^{-8}}\) and \(\pmb{\beta =\frac{2}{3}}\)

From: An expanded mixed finite element simulation for two-sided time-dependent fractional diffusion problem

τ 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 Order
\(\Vert u-u_{h} \Vert \) 3.21e−03 1.25e−03 5.72e−04 2.83e−04 1.00
\(\vert\!\vert\!\vert p-p_{h}\vert\!\vert\!\vert \) 1.23e−03 6.36e−04 3.21e−04 1.60e−04 1.00
\(\vert\!\vert\!\vert q-q_{h}\vert\!\vert\!\vert \) 4.12e−03 2.01e−03 1.01e−03 5.11e−04 0.98