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Figure 5

From: A class of dynamic models describing microbial flocculant with nutrient competition and metabolic products in wastewater treatment

Figure 5

The positive equilibrium \(\pmb{E^{*}}\) is unstable, and both the boundary equilibrium \(\pmb{E_{1}}\) and the boundary equilibrium \(\pmb{E_{2}}\) are locally asymptotically stable with the parameters \(\pmb{a_{1}=1}\) , \(\pmb{a_{2}=1}\) , \(\pmb{b_{1}=2}\) , \(\pmb{b_{2}=1}\) , \(\pmb{c_{1}=1.5}\) , \(\pmb{d_{1}=1}\) , \(\pmb{d_{2}=1 }\) and \(\pmb{d_{3}=1}\) .

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