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Table 1 List of parameters

From: Global stability of a diffusive and delayed virus dynamics model with Crowley-Martin incidence function and CTL immune response

Parameter Definition Value Source
λ production rate of uninfected cells 10 Reference [3]
d death rate of uninfected cells 0.01 Reference [3]
h death rate of infected cells 0.5 References [3, 4]
p CTL effectiveness 1 References [3, 4]
D diffusion coefficient 0.1 Reference [22]
k production rate of free virus 0.4 References [3, 4]
μ clearance rate of free virus 3 Reference [4]
a Crowley-Martin coefficient 0.01 Assumed
b Crowley-Martin coefficient 0.01 Assumed
m death rate for infected cells during \([t-\tau_{1},t]\) 0.01 Assumed
n death rate for new virus during \([t-\tau_{2},t]\) 0.01 Assumed