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Table 5 The comparison of absolute errors between CBSCM and our method when \(\pmb{p=2.53}\)

From: An exponential B-spline collocation method for the fractional sub-diffusion equation

x M  = 25, N  = 625 M  = 50, N  = 2,500
CBSCM Our method CBSCM Our method
0.1 7.4297e-5 1.7521e-5 2.2881e-5 5.2238e-6
0.2 1.7128e-4 3.1447e-5 4.2725e-5 7.8796e-6
0.3 2.2488e-4 3.3028e-5 5.9053e-5 8.1580e-6
0.4 2.8563e-4 2.5425e-5 7.1249e-5 6.3822e-6
0.5 3.1076e-4 1.5134e-5 7.8544e-5 3.0497e-6
0.6 3.2060e-4 4.5617e-6 7.9982e-5 1.1163e-6
0.7 3.0518e-4 1.7614e-5 7.4401e-5 5.1068e-6
0.8 2.4201e-4 3.0270e-5 6.0392e-5 7.5532e-6
0.9 1.6825e-4 2.8820e-5 3.6264e-5 6.6400e-6