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Table 1 Parameter interpretations, value ranges and sources of model ( 1 )

From: The roles of maturation delay and vaccination on the spread of Dengue virus and optimal control

Param. Description Value Source
b Average number of bites by infectious mosquitoes (day−1) [0,1] [10]
\(\beta_{hm}\) Transmission probability from infectious individuals to mosquitoes [0,1] [10]
\(\beta_{mh}\) Transmission probability from infectious mosquitoes to humans [0,1] [10]
\({1}/{\mu_{h}}\) Average human life expectancy (day) [18250,27375] [23]
\(\eta_{h}\) Dengue recovery rate in humans (day−1) [0.1,0.6] [23]
1/α Size of mosquitoes at which egg laying is maximized without delay - -
\(r_{m}\) Maximum per capita daily mosquito egg production rate (day−1) [0.036,42.5] [22]
τ Maturation time of the mosquito (day) [5,30] [22]
\(d_{j}\) Death rate of juvenile mosquitoes (day−1) [0.28,0.46] [22]
\(d_{m}\) Natural death rate of adult female mosquitoes (day−1) [0.016,0.25] [23]
q Vertical transmission probability of virus in mosquitoes [0,1] -
ψ Fraction of susceptible class that has been vaccinated [0,1] -
θ Waning rate of immunity [0,1] -
σ Infection rate of vaccinated members [0,1] -