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Table 1 Model parameters for simulation

From: Modeling the effect of quarantine and vaccination on Ebola disease

Parameter Average value
Total number of population (N) 10,000 people/day
Contact rate (β) variable day−1
Rate of quarantining (q) 0.3 day−1
Rate of loss of infection acquired immunity (γ) 0.25 day−1
Rate from S to R (vaccination rate) (v) 0.15 day−1
Recovery rate, quarantined individual (\(\alpha_{1}\)) 0.4 day−1
Recovery rate, non-quarantined individual (\(\alpha_{2}\)) 0.25 day−1
Death rate by Ebola, quarantined individual (\(\delta_{1}\)) 0.3 day−1
Death rate by Ebola, non-quarantined individual (\(\delta_{2}\)) 0.75 day−1
  1. (Source: World Health Organization, WHO, Ebola 2014 report.)