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Table 1 Model parameters

From: Optimal control of Zika virus infection by vector elimination, vector-to-human and human-to-human contact reduction

Parameters Description Value Reference
a Biting rate of mosquito (number of bites per mosquito per day) 0.5 [18]
b Probability of transmission from an infectious mosquito to a susceptible human per bite (dimensionless) 0.4 [18]
c Probability of transmission from a symptomatically infected human to a susceptible mosquito per bite (dimensionless) 0.5 [19]
β Transmission rate from a symptomatically infected humans to susceptible humans (per day) 0.05 [7]
K Relative human-to-human transmissibility of exposed to symptomatically infected humans (dimensionless) 0.6 [7]
τ Relative human-to-human transmissibility of convalescent to symptomatically infected humans (dimensionless) 0.3 [7]
η Relative human-to-mosquito transmission probability of exposed humans to symptomatically infected human (dimensionless) 0.1 [7]
θ(%) Proportion of symptomatic infections (dimensionless) 18 [20]
\(1/ \alpha_{h} \) Intrinsic incubation period (days) 5 [21]
\(1/\alpha_{v} \) Extrinsic incubation period (days) 10 [18]
\(1/\gamma_{h1}\) Period of acute phase (days) 5 [21]
\(1/\gamma_{h2}\) Period of convalescent phase (days) 20 [4]
\(1/\gamma_{h}\) Period of asymptomatic infection (days) 7 [7]
\(1/\mu_{v}\) Mosquito lifespan (days) 14 [18, 19]