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Table 1 Parameter values of α , β , γ and d associated with a cell \(\pmb{C_{pq}}\) , \(\pmb{p,q=1,\ldots,M}\) , utilized for the resolution of all multi-regions discrete-time systems (1)-(3) and (4)-(6), and then leading to simulations obtained from Figure  2 to Figure  19 , with the initial conditions \(\pmb{S_{0}^{C_{pq}}}\) , \(\pmb{I_{0}^{C_{pq}}}\) and \(\pmb{R_{0}^{C_{pq}}}\) associated with any cell \(\pmb{C_{pq}}\) of Ω

From: A multi-regions discrete-time epidemic model with a travel-blocking vicinity optimal control approach on patches

\(\boldsymbol{S_{0}^{C_{pq}}}\) \(\boldsymbol{I_{0}^{C_{pq}}}\) \(\boldsymbol{R_{0}^{C_{pq}}}\) α β γ d
50 0 0 0.002 0.0001 0.003 0.0001