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Table 1 The absolute errors of different k and \(\pmb{M=3}\) for Example  1

From: Solving nonlinear Volterra integro-differential equations of fractional order by using Euler wavelet method

t Euler SCW Euler SCW Euler SCW
k  = 4 k  = 4 k  = 5 k  = 5 k  = 6 k  = 6
0.0 5.3744e-003 6.0169e-003 2.1912e-003 2.5058e-003 9.7161e-004 1.1272e-003
0.1 5.9284e-004 1.2504e-003 3.6354e-004 4.3350e-004 1.6976e-005 3.2831e-004
0.2 1.6221e-003 5.1499e-005 1.0167e-004 6.1143e-004 1.0476e-004 2.0079e-004
0.3 1.6909e-003 1.1123e-004 1.1436e-004 5.5204e-004 1.0746e-004 1.7628e-004
0.4 4.6755e-004 1.0434e-003 4.3188e-004 2.0180e-004 3.0374e-005 2.3828e-004
0.5 2.0212e-003 3.4768e-003 5.0356e-004 1.1110e-003 1.2551e-004 3.8232e-004
0.6 4.8121e-004 9.2652e-004 4.3422e-004 1.5066e-004 3.0730e-005 2.1590e-004
0.7 1.7295e-003 3.6739e-004 1.2103e-004 4.4277e-004 1.0861e-004 1.2863e-004
0.8 1.7247e-003 4.0781e-004 1.1954e-004 4.2369e-004 1.0818e-004 1.1993e-004
0.9 4.6700e-004 8.0375e-004 4.2982e-004 9.2562e-005 2.9460e-005 1.8947e-004