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Table 2 Comparing our Theorem  3.2 with other existing results about BAM neural networks models

From: LMI-based robust exponential stability criterion of impulsive integro-differential equations with uncertain parameters via contraction mapping theory

  Our Th. 3.2 [37], Th. 4.1 [31], Th. 3.1 [32], Thms. 2-4 [38], Th. 3 [34], Thm. 1
Impulse yes yes no no no no
Distributed delays yes no no no no yes
Parameter uncertainty yes yes no no no no
Using fixed point theory yes no yes yes no no
BAM neural networks model yes yes yes yes yes yes
Equations type integro-differential differential differential differential differential integro-differential
LMI-based criterion yes yes no no no yes
Robustness of stability yes yes no no no no
Stability type robust exponential robust asymptotical exponential exponential exponential exponential