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Table 8 Problem 4 : MAEs using ( 2.7a )-( 2.7b ) with \(\pmb{C=1}\)

From: A class of quasi-variable mesh methods based on off-step discretization for the solution of non-linear fourth order ordinary differential equations with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions

λ 1 10 \(\boldsymbol {10^{2}}\)
N u \(\boldsymbol {u'}\) u \(\boldsymbol {u'}\) u \(\boldsymbol {u'}\)
16 9.83e−06 3.37e−05 3.25e−03 2.03e−02 7.81e−02 8.71e−01
32 2.49e−06 8.22e−06 8.19e−04 4.93e−0332 1.48e−02 4.98e−01
64 6.23e−07 2.04e−06 2.05e−04 1.24e−03 3.68e−03 1.70e−01
128 1.56e−07 5.10e−07 5.12e−05 3.08e−04 9.20e−04 3.89e−02
256 3.90e−08 1.27e−07 1.28e−05 7.70e−05 2.30e−04 9.21e−03
Order 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.08