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Table 1 Parameters used for numerical simulation

From: Stability analysis of HIV-1 model with multiple delays

Notation Parameter definition Value Source
N recruitment rate 160 [20]
d death rate of uninfected target cells 0.16 assumed
P infection rate of uninfected cells by virus 0.002 [21]
a death rate of productively infected cells 1.85 [20]
P killing rate of infected cells by CTL response cells 0.2 assumed
k rate of the virus particles produced by infected cells 1,200 [20]
u viral clearance rate constant 8 assumed
c rate at which the CTL response is produced 0.2 [21]
b death rate of the CTL response 0.4 assumed
T1 intracellular delay 0.2 [21]
T2 delay in antigenic stimulation 2.4 [21]